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Domain Brokerage

Domain name sales and acquisition service at your disposal. Professional brokerage service from an experienced domainer and domain broker with connections.

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I am offering professional domain brokerage service at attractive commission rate. By having sold more than 1500 domains and successfully closed many brokerage deals (sales and acquisitions) I gained experience and made connections which combined is the guarantee you will be very satisfied with this brokerage service.
  1. DOMAIN SALES - I am helping you with the sale of your premium domain. Commission is only 8% or 11%, and no commission at all if no success. Only premium domains with reasonable pricing will be accepted.
  2. DOMAIN ACQUISITION - I am helping you to acquire any domain you want if your budget is reasonable for the chosen domain. Commission is only 30% of the difference between the sale price and your max budget prepared for the domain. No commission at all if no success.
  3. NO FEE AND COMMISSION IF NO TRANSACTION - You pay nothing if I will not be successful in getting you the domain you want or with the sale of your domain.
  4. FORMAL WRITTEN CONTRACT - I work only with having a written contract and in domain sale deal prefer an exclusive brokerage contract.

My reputation are more than 1500 sold domains in my career so far. I trade my own domains all the time and understand the industry and trends very well. I also do brokerage and am an experienced domain broker, for sales and acquisitions.

The highest offer I get for a client's domain so far was $1,000,000, but per my contract with the client I was not allowed to accept anything below $1.6M. I was working hard to get additional offers in the range north of the minimum I was allowed to accept and at the same time I was still communicating with the potential buyer who made that $1M offer and was trying to get him to raise his offer. I am pretty sure I needed only a few more days to get the offer of minimum  $1.6M for that ultra premium domain I was brokering, but during those days the domain owner sold it by himself for $1.2M as we had only a regular brokerage contract, not the exclusive one. However, I have connections and am able to get you even a seven figure (USD) offer for your domain if you have something ultra premium.

If you have some premium domain, worth at least mid $x,xxx to higher, and if you are reasonable in pricing your domain, feel free to contact me and we can discuss brokerage. My commission is 11% in the case of regular brokerage contract and only 8% in case of exclusive brokerage contract. Minimum commission is only $30 (low price deals, such as random liquid domains that you want to liquidate). Generally, I can accept some low value liquid domains under my brokerage, but prefer domains that are worth at least $x,xxx (ideally at least low $xx,xxx or more) and that your pricing is reasonable. No any fee and no commission if no success.

If you are on the market for a domain I will be glad to help to acquire the wanted domain. My commission in that case is 30% of the difference between the maximum you are ready to pay and the achieved sale price. Commission set up that way guarantees that I will do my best to get you the domain at the lowest possible price as in that case the amount I will earn will be higher. Minimum commission (in case of a low price deal) is only $30. You pay no fee and no commission in case of no success.

Above are only the basic info. At the moment this page is still under construction and more content will be available later. While waiting additional content here in English you may check the page related to my brokerage service which is in Croatian (HERE) and use Google Translate to understand the content, or simply contact me. You can also use Chrome, engage the translate option, and simply read the whole content of this website in English, or in any other language.

If you are interested in my domain brokerage service or have some questions please contact me.

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