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This website is about domaining and part-time job (Croatian translation is "honorarni posao"). You can browse the menu to get more info about domaining.

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This area of the website is for English speakers only. Other areas are in Croatian. This area is about domaining (and part-time job) just as the other areas, with the difference that this is the only area of the website in English.
  1. DOMAINING INFO - in this area of the website you will find some info about domains and domaining
  2. DOMAIN BROKERAGE SERVICE - in this area of the website you can order domain brokerage service (domain name sales and domain name acquisitions)
  3. DOMAINING INSTRUCTIONS - comprehensive and straight to the point instructions how to successfully trade domains

This area of the website is in English. Domain name is where "honorarni posao" means part-time job. The "HP - Domaining" label is some kind of a brand, and means PJ - Domaining where the "PJ" initials present "Part-time Job".

There is much more content in Croatian language so if you are interested to get all the info this website provides please use translator for now. However, you can also use Chrome, engage the translate option, and simply read the whole content of this website in English, or in any other language.

This English area of the website is still under construction. Probably there will be more content in English later, but for now I can't tell when. By then, please browse the existing English pages (available through the English menu) or use some online translator to read the other content that is available at this website.

Domaining is my full-time job and I trade domains for more then 15 years now. During my domaining career I sold more than 1500 domains and counting. If you are a domainer too there is a good chance we already had some contact in the past. I bought a lot of domains from other domainers (and also sold some domains to them, but prefer to buy low and sell high so buying from domainers is better than selling to them, as you probably already know) so many domainers do know me. I trade domains for myself, but occasionally I do some brokerage deals for my clients and had under my brokerage even ultra premium domains like, and more. NDA deal is something that I take as a standard (unless a client wants otherwise).

If you may be interested in domain brokerage please check the Brokerage section. If you may be interested to learn how to trade domains successfully please check the Domaining instructions section.

If you would like to contact me you may do that in English by reaching me at the e-mail address listed in the Contact section.

Thank you for your visit.

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Honorarni_Posao - Domaining

Honorarni posao ili stalni posao za svakoga tko želi raditi i zarađivati od kuće...

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